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Today's images are flat. But they don't have to be. Visby makes rich, multi-perspective imaging a reality with light fields.

The future is holographic.

Visby light fields bring new dimensions to imaging, for commerce, media and beyond.

Visby uses computer vision and advanced signal processing methods to advance imaging technology. We enable capture and playback of “light fields” — high quality holographic video and images — even on a mobile phone.


Visby in the news

October 12, 2020

Visby's light field content featured in the SCTE keynote

Delivering Visby's light field video at scale was uncertain before multi-gigabit connections. Today Visby, with Charter, CableLabs, CommScope, Comcast, NCTA and SCTE•ISBE, ensure that live action, live stream holographic video and holographic telepresence will all have a bright future both in the home and wireless out-of-home environments, as seen during the Cable-Tec Expo keynote. We look forward to working with the cable industry to deliver these and other capabilities for both enterprise and consumers.

August 27, 2019

Cloud and Clear: Ryan Damm discusses cloud computing and light field applications

SADA's Tony Safoian interviews Ryan Damm regarding holographic imaging and how it leverages the cloud.

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We're an eclectic team of performant engineers, scientists, media industry veterans, and narrative problem solvers. We are currently 100% remote.

Tintypes courtesy of artist Kari Orvik, who uses the 19th century process that first made personal portraits widely accessible.


Visby careers

We are dedicated to fostering a friendly, positive, cooperative and inclusive workplace environment. We value passion and dedication, but also work-life balance: we are generally flexible about hours and telecommuting. We offer competitive compensation, including 100% coverage of employee healthcare and 75% coverage for their dependents. We welcome diversity of personal and professional backgrounds, without regard to race, religion, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual identity or expression, medical condition, or socioeconomic status. We're excited to learn what you can contribute to our supportive culture.

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